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Cardinal Cotton Clothing Co. is a side project of ours that has been in the idea stage for years as something that we have always wanted to do.  In the past year, we really started to put some direction towards the idea and decided to focus on the great state that we were born and raised in... North Carolina!  Cardinal Cotton is an American clothing brand that celebrates the greatness of that state!  Being that we are rockstar web developers and overall cool guys, we felt like there was nobody better to build our website than the guys at Rockbeatspaper!  And we cut ourselves a great deal we just could not afford to pass up!  ;)

After completing the site design, we developed the site on the Shopify ecommerce platform since we are huge fans and felt no need to re-invent the wheel.  We launched the site officially on September 25, 2012 and have seen great results since then with sales all across the country and the world as far as Brazil, France, and Japan!  We are really excited about the future of this brand and look forward to it's growth!

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