20 November 2014

Pricing the Web

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Pricing web devlopment projects can always be a pain and we have tried every model since being in business.  I just read the best article on pricing the web over on …

22 May 2014

Keep it Simple Stupid!


Not every new web development project needs to be built on the latest CMS or the newest platform using SASS, LESS and the latest jQuery.  Not everything has to be cutting …

3 December 2013

Legacy Locker Acquired by PasswordBox

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Rockbeatspaper is happy to announce that Legacy Locker, a previous client of ours, has been acquired by PasswordBox, a free password manager application that we really love to use!  RBP was …

23 July 2013

Bootstrapped and Profitable

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37Signals has posted another great article highlighting how another great company, Huckberry, started their business.  Being bootstrapped and profitable ourselves, more profitable some days than others, this article hit real close …

10 July 2013

Story Behind Our Name

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Artist and designer, Nathan Pyle, has finally conceptualized the story behind our name in such a simple manner.  Frankly, it doesn't really hurt!  Go check out his shop at Threadless.  Great …

27 June 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog?

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As you can see, it has been awhile since anybody has been around here on the blog and things are getting a little dusty.  We are so busy with work and …

26 June 2012

Agreement = Expectations


Check out this great article written by Greg Hoy, president of Happy Cog.  Greg does a great job in this article of detailing what should be included in your project service …

1 May 2012

Sunday Best Designs Has Been Featured

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Hey guys.  Sunday Best Designs is our side project that focuses on offering package design services to churches and other ministries.  We were just notified today that our site has been …

13 April 2012

Our Portfolio has been Updated!

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Hey guys.  It has been awhile since our last post and we have been very busy!  In an effort to enhance our portfolio with our best, most recent work, we have …