20 November 2014

Pricing the Web

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Pricing web devlopment projects can always be a pain and we have tried every model since being in business.  I just read the best article on pricing the web over on …

22 May 2014

Keep it Simple Stupid!


Not every new web development project needs to be built on the latest CMS or the newest platform using SASS, LESS and the latest jQuery.  Not everything has to be cutting …

3 December 2013

Legacy Locker Acquired by PasswordBox

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Rockbeatspaper is happy to announce that Legacy Locker, a previous client of ours, has been acquired by PasswordBox, a free password manager application that we really love to use!  RBP was …

26 June 2012

Agreement = Expectations


Check out this great article written by Greg Hoy, president of Happy Cog.  Greg does a great job in this article of detailing what should be included in your project service …

16 September 2011

Sunday Best Websites has Launched!

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Drum roll please....  We are proud to announce that we have finally launched Sunday Best Websites!  This has been something that we have wanted to do for several years and it …

27 May 2011

Check Out Sunday Best Websites

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Rockbeatspaper is partnering on a brand new venture called Sunday Best Websites.  This is a venture that is a long time in the making and something that we are very excited …

16 December 2009

Start With Why: Work From the Inside Out

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Simon Sinek is a marketing consultant and author.  He is best known for developing "The Golden Circle," a model based on human decision-making that guides organizations on how to inspire people …

20 August 2009

"If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."
-Jeff Bezos

10 August 2009

"People always ask, ‘What is your greatest failure?’ I always have the same answer—We’re working on it right now, it’s gonna be awesome!" -Jim Coudal

6 August 2009

Pricing Guide


Design services are like many other industries - you get exactly what you pay for.  A high quality web site is an investment and we strive to make it the best …

6 August 2009

Our life is frittered away by detail … simplify, simplify.
-Henry David Thoreau

31 July 2009

I want to put a ding in the universe.
-Steve Jobs

20 November 2008

Maintaining Marketing Budgets

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2008 has definitely been a roller-coaster year in the US. With the burst of the housing bubble, financial market collapse and the presidential election, we have found ourselves in the middle …