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Since working with Gallins Foods, we have learned that they are really cool guys to work with and they are constantly innovating, thinking 100 miles down the road about the next thing that will help further their business and brand.  We had no idea that you could pay at a vending machine with a credit card swipe or the wave of a P-card and these guys have nutritional facts and advertising on LCD displays right on their vending machines.  The other cool thing about working with these guys....  FREE COFFEE!!!  And their Gallins Gourmet Coffee line is great!  You should try it!

So after installing top of the line vending machines, providing awesome catering experiences, opening corporate restaurants as well as local public restaurants, they decided to take their product offerings to the masses with an ecommerce site!  Gallins wanted the site to be focused on the promotion and selling of their newly developed Gallins Gourmet Coffee line.  Along with that, they wanted to be able to offer all the affiliate products and accessories from their vendors to the public as well as corporate clients.  After understanding the goals of the project, we designed a full ecommerce store from the ground up.  With their being no need to re-invent the wheel, we decided to complete the backend development within the Magento ecommerce platform.  The final product was a great looking, highly-functional and secure ecommerce store offering great products to the public!  Don't wait and go buy some coffee today!