Dave Peele - Web Development (Principal)

Dave Peele

Web Development (Principal)

“Life is a balance.  A constant tug-of-war between what you love and the demands of everyday life.  Give it your best shot cause you only get one chance.”

Dave is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a degree in Applied Mathematics. It was in the cold hills of Boone, NC where Dave was first introduced to programming, fell in love with it and everything else is history. Afters 3 years of working as an executive assistant for a major national corporation and sharpening his programming and management skills, Dave helped to co-found Rockbeatspaper.

Dave is the resident developer, accountant, daily operations manager and Chief Common-Sense Officer here at Rockbeatspaper. When he is not implementing wonderful designs into highly functional web sites and managing his Sudoku addiction, Dave enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter & son, attending church, working out and watching Carolina basketball.  GO HEELS!